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Reimbursement is an ART

In the complex world of healthcare reimbursement, it’s all too common for treatment providers to miss out on substantial revenue due to poor payer reimbursement practices. PRRS, Inc. introduces the “Additional Payment Program,” a specialized service crafted to ensure that your payments are optimized and your efforts are rightfully rewarded.

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The Challenge: Many providers are unaware of the significant revenue that slips through the cracks each year. With reimbursements of up to 75% of charges on applicable plans going unclaimed, the financial health of your practice may be at risk.

Our Solution: The “Additional Payment Program” by PRRS is your strategic ally in the battle for fair reimbursement. Designed to complement your existing billing team, our service is not just support—it’s a powerful tool aimed at maximizing your out-of-network payments.

RCM or Standalone Service: PRRS, Inc. clients receive this service INCLUDED in our standard service package. However, we are also able to work with your current billing team or thrid-party solution as a standalone resource, our program is flexible enough to fit your specific needs. We’re here to ensure that you’re not at a disadvantage due to underpayments and suboptimal negotiated rates.

Proprietary Systems and Expertise: Leveraging our proprietary systems and software, we meticulously review, identify, and recover additional payments from substandard and unpaid out-of-network claims. Our deep understanding of plans, policies, and payment laws empowers us to advocate on your behalf, securing significant additional payments from previously low-paying claims.

Proven Results: Our clients have already reclaimed millions in additional funds through our program. Now, this transformative service is available to elevate your revenue cycle management.

“Partnering with PRRS Inc. has been a game-changer for our facility. Their expertise in the addiction space is unparalleled, and their customized solutions have significantly streamlined our billing processes, allowing us to focus more on patient care.”

Johnathan A.
Recovery Center Director

PRRS Inc. has transformed the way we manage our revenue cycle. Their team is not only knowledgeable but also incredibly responsive, providing us with insights and strategies that have fostered financial stability and growth for our center.

Emily R
Financial Coordinator

The compliance assistance provided by PRRS Inc. has been a lifesaver. Their guidance has helped us navigate complex regulations with ease, ensuring that we maintain a high standard of compliance and build trust with our clients and stakeholders.

Michael D.
Operations Manager

PRRS Inc.’s client portal is a revelation. It has centralized all our necessary resources and support, making collaboration and communication smoother than ever. Their round-the-clock support is exceptional, always ready to assist us with any concerns.

Sarah L.
CEO of Healing Pathways
Your Trusted Partner in Revenue Recovery

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At PRRS Inc., we pride ourselves on being a professional and reliable partner, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our esteemed clients have to say about their experience working with us.

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