Should I Outsource?

To determine whether outsourcing is the best option, consider the following questions:

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly, with audits, compliance requirements, and changes in billing best practices creating significant challenges for mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities. As reimbursement rates decline, it can be difficult for facilities to keep up and get paid in a consistent and timely manner. That’s why outsourcing may be the right choice for you.

  • Are you receiving full reimbursement for the services you provide?
  • Is payment consistent and timely?
  • Do your staff have expertise in Utilization Management, Billing, Collections, and Operations for mental health and substance abuse?
  • Are you confident that your current billing staff or company submits clear, accurate, and timely claims?
  • Do your policies and procedures for documentation, billing, coding, collections, and operations meet PAYER standards and regulations?
  • Do you worry about employee oversight and its impact on your revenue cycle?
  • Are you sure that billing is coded and processed on the correct fee schedules, and that no services are being ignored or under-coded?
  • Does your Utilization Management staff analyze annual payer requirements and standards to help you capture every available day?
  • Would your time be better spent serving clients and planning facility growth?
  • Are you currently in audit, or is your reimbursement delayed by one or more payers?

If you answered YES to more than 2 of these questions, it may be time to consider outsourcing to Professional Revenue Recovery Solutions (PRRS) Inc. Our mission is to provide the behavioral community with exceptional revenue cycle management services, driven by superior services and support through meaningful client partnerships. Contact us at 1-888-405-3118 to learn more.

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“Partnering with PRRS Inc. has been a game-changer for our facility. Their expertise in the addiction space is unparalleled, and their customized solutions have significantly streamlined our billing processes, allowing us to focus more on patient care.”

Johnathan A.
Recovery Center Director

PRRS Inc. has transformed the way we manage our revenue cycle. Their team is not only knowledgeable but also incredibly responsive, providing us with insights and strategies that have fostered financial stability and growth for our center.

Emily R
Financial Coordinator

The compliance assistance provided by PRRS Inc. has been a lifesaver. Their guidance has helped us navigate complex regulations with ease, ensuring that we maintain a high standard of compliance and build trust with our clients and stakeholders.

Michael D.
Operations Manager

PRRS Inc.’s client portal is a revelation. It has centralized all our necessary resources and support, making collaboration and communication smoother than ever. Their round-the-clock support is exceptional, always ready to assist us with any concerns.

Sarah L.
CEO of Healing Pathways
Your Trusted Partner in Revenue Recovery

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At PRRS Inc., we pride ourselves on being that reliable partner for numerous facilities. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our esteemed clients have to say about their experience working with us.

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