Our insurance benefit analysts provide you with detailed information for your potential clients’ benefits so you can make timely admission decisions. Our one-page analytical form summarizes patient responsibility, benefit limitations, pre-certification requirements, policy exclusions and reliable estimations of payments per payer.


Returned in 59 minutes or less
Verified by independent analysts to ensure accuracy
Recorded on a single-page form for easy and quick viewing
Stored on file for 7 years to allow easy re-admissions


PRRS’ Billing and Collections staff are professionals who specialize in the mental health and substance abuse treatment field. Their in-depth knowledge allows them to optimize reimbursement within the shortest time frame. Our internal systems allow us to gain access to privileged information from various insurance payers, which significantly increases our clean-claim submissions.



  • Coding for both professional and institutional providers
  • Claims submitted electronically to ensure faster payment turnaround time
  • Quick insurance carrier claims submission confirmations
  • Superior internal systems and controls to eliminate errors in data submissions
  • Outstanding claims call frequency
  • Customizable financial reporting
  • Monthly patient balance billing reports
  • Payer reimbursement reports
  • Single case rate negotiations and ongoing agreements


Our licensed and credentialed clinical team possess extensive knowledge and experience focused on the mental health and substance abuse treatment field. They have developed valuable relationships with insurance carriers’ care managers, allowing PRRS to gain frequent updates of criteria changes to achieve early compliance.

We perform ongoing reviews of program practices and schedules to stay ahead of insurance carriers’ constantly changing requirements. All information is stored in a high-security electronic vault and is in full compliance with HIPPA regulations.