Success Can Be Achieved By Asking Questions That No One Else Is Asking

Frequently “Not” Asked Questions

Should I be Concerned that the President of the Billing Service I Use is Always Absent from the Day-to-Day Operations of their Company?

Absolutely! A billing company’s president should possess superior knowledge about the field. So when the president is absent from day-to-day operations, important decisions and problem-solving responsibilities are left to less knowledgeable staff. At PRRS, our president reports to work every day and is always available to answer questions, make necessary operational adjustments, and oversee operations to optimize insurance reimbursements for our clients.

Should I Be Concerned if My Billing Service Has Ownership By A Treatment Center or Referral Network?

Yes, you should be. Billing services owned by a treatment center or referral network are risky partners for your organization. They will have access to all of your clients’ sensitive information, and there is an inherent conflict of interest. PRRS will always remain 100% owned by non-treatment-center and non-referral-network owners.

Is Getting a Low Rate From A Billing Service a Good Thing?

Absolutely not! Low rates are always accompanied by frustrations. Billing services that offer low rates are forced to hire inexperienced and low-level staff to maintain their profitability. As a result, insurance reimbursements are not optimized, and the timeframe for payment significantly increases. At PRRS, we will never price match our competitors. We offer all of our clients a professional and sophisticated line of products and services, with a highly qualified and field-knowledgeable workforce. We might not offer the lowest rate, but we offer the best solutions.

My Billing Service Always Provides me with Questionable Explanations Whenever we Have Low Reimbursement Months. Should I Be Concerned?

Yes! Billing services tend to have spikes in their insurance reimbursement collections for several reasons, such as high employee turnover, capacity issues related to new clients that they are not equipped to handle, and chronic understaffing. At PRRS, our turnover is virtually nonexistent; we cap the number of clients we are willing to service; and we always maintain appropriate staffing levels.

Why Do I Always Have this Feeling that My Billing Service is not Always Providing Honest Answers to My Questions?

Because chances are they are not. When confronted with questions, billing services tend to overcomplicate or provide misinformation to justify their failure to achieve optimum insurance reimbursements. At PRRS, we believe that the truth is in the facts and numbers. We always answer client questions with reports and literature to substantiate our responses. We never provide answers without proper documentation to back them up.

Will My Insurance Reimbursements Be Negatively Affected During a Transitional Period to a Billing Provider?

They will be if the provider has not developed adequate processes. At PRRS, we have developed a successful transitional process that will guarantee a seamless transition. To learn more about this process, please e-mail

Should I Be Concerned if My Billing Service is Generating Claims with Billed Charges Higher than Industry Averages?

Yes! If your billing service is generating higher-than-industry claim charges, you are susceptible to future charge backs and possible insurance fraud claims. At PRRS, we always protect our clients from any possible charge backs or of being accused of insurance fraud. Billing services tend to only care about their profitability, and that is the main reason for them billing out higher claim charges without consideration for their clients. Remember: Insurance carriers will always hold the provider of services accountable for billing fraud and charge backs. They never go after the billing provider. Yet PRRS’ goal is to be an extension of your financial department, and we do not take risks that would threaten your business.